B-2 Visa Attorney

Anyone seeking to visit the U.S. for pleasure or tourism must generally obtain a B-2 visitor’s or “tourist” visa, except that individuals from certain countries that qualify under the Visa Waiver Program may be eligible to enter the U.S. without first obtaining a visa stamp in their passport.

Similar to the B-1 business visitor visa, a B-2 tourist visa must be applied for at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate outside the United States. In addition to paying a fee and completing the visa application form, an individual must show documentation evidencing that the trip is for pleasure, is temporary in nature, that the individual has strong residency ties outside the U.S., and that he or she has sufficient funds to cover expenses for the duration of their trip.

Nationals of some countries are eligible for multiple entry visas valid up to ten years, while nationals of other countries may only be eligible for a single entry visa. Upon issuance, a visitor’s visa may be utilized for visits up to six months, though further extensions of stay in B-2 status may be granted under some circumstances. Staying in the U.S. beyond the period of authorized stay is an offense that can carry serious consequences. Thus, it is important to limit one’s visit to the U.S. to the date recorded on the I-94 card issued upon entry into the U.S., unless extension of status is timely applied for. Unauthorized employment during one’s visit on a B-2 visa is also not permitted.

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