EB-3 Green Card Attorney for Professionals with Bachelors Degree

The EB-3 Green Cards Professionals category is designated for a professional, which is defined as someone who holds a bachelor’s degree (or its foreign degree equivalent) and who is a member of the relevant profession. USCIS has outlined general occupation categories including architects, engineers, lawyers, physicians, and teachers, however these categories have been made much broader by the use of various Department of Labor resources and standards.

The EB-3 Green Cards - Professionals with Bachelor’s Degree category requires a labor certification confirming that the individual is performing work for which other workers in the U.S. were not available. The individual must have a full-time job offer from a U.S. employer, and the degree required by the prospective job must be that which is normally required for the position. Work experience or a combination of education and work experience cannot be substituted for the degree requirement.

Like all other Employment-based immigrant visa categories, those approved for EB-3 green cards are eligible to apply for legal permanent resident status as are their spouse and minor children.

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