Immigration Fraud Defense Attorney

Our firm regularly represents those accused of immigration fraud, including Marriage immigration fraud. Sometimes in cases in which individuals have committed immigration fraud in the past, they may still be eligible to enter the United States, be issued a visa, or permanently immigrate to the United States. Immigration fraud is generally a permanent bar to such things, but “waivers“ are available for certain qualifying individuals. More information about his is accessible through the Waivers of Inadmissibility section linked on our home page.

Because obtaining a green card through marriage is famously one of the fastest (and sometimes only) methods, USCIS knows that there will always be those who attempt to obtain permanent residence through a false marriage. Unfortunately, this tends to raise the scrutiny on all applicants to the extent some couples who indeed do share a true marriage, are subject to invasive and stressful immigration fraud investigations. Fortunately, USCIS is obligated to give consideration to all evidence, and well documented cases should survive this high level of scrutiny for couples that did not enter into a marriage solely to obtain an immigration benefit. In rare cases in which USCIS errs and wrongly concludes a couple that is married in good faith has committed marriage fraud, appeal of such decision can be made.

Surowitz Immigration, P.C.’s immigration fraud attorneys have an accomplished history of favorable results in immigration fraud cases for our clients. If you have questions about immigration fraud defense and would like more information, contact us today.