EB-4 Green Card Attorney

The EB-4 visa is a permanent immigrant visa designated for ministers and religious workers. Such individuals must have been members of a bona fide religious group for at least two years before submitting an immigrant visa application.

A minister or religious worker must be coming to the U.S. for a fulltime job, which generally refers to working at least thirty five (35 hours) per week. A religious worker is deemed to be anyone carrying out non-administrative, traditional religious functions that are typically recognized as being an occupational role of a particular religious group.

To be eligible for an EB-4 green card, the individual must be compensated for his/her work, and although the compensation need not be salaried, the petitioning religious group must provide detailed documentation evidencing the amount and existence of compensation. The individual must also have worked as minister or in a religious occupation for at least two years preceding submission of his/her application, and the previous employment must have been continuous for that two year period (subject to certain exceptions), but may have been full- or part-time. The work that the individual performed in the previous role abroad does not need to be the same as the work the individual will perform with the EB-4 green card. The prior work experience must also have been compensated work (i.e. not a volunteer position).

Like all other Employment-based immigrant visa categories, those approved for EB-4 green cards, or religious worker green cards, are eligible to apply for legal permanent resident status as are their spouse and minor children.

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