R-1 Visa Attorney

The R-1 visa is for religious workers seeking to be temporarily employed in the U.S. The employer of the religious worker must be a nonprofit religious organization registered in the U.S.

The employer must provide documents including proof of tax-exempt status, proof of either how the organization intends to compensate the worker or how the worker intends to support him or herself while in the U.S., and detailed information about the work to be performed. USCIS also has the right to perform on-site inspections of the religious organization premises.

The individual must provide proof of membership to the religious group for at least two years prior to such application. Additional requirements apply to minister applicants. If approved, the visa may be valid for up to thirty months, with a possibility of extension for an additional thirty months, for a total of 5 maximum years in R-1 status.

The spouse and unmarried children of an R-1 worker may accompany the individual to the U.S. However they may not work during that time unless granted an independent visa status that confers employment authorization.

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