TN Visa FAQs

What are the Requirements for a Canadian TN Visa?

Canadian citizens may make an application for a TN visa at his/her place of entry into the U.S. The individual requests TN visa status when arriving at the port of entry and presents the border official with various documents including originals and copies of his or her educational degrees, employment records, and a letter from their future U.S. employer evidencing a job offer. The individual does not need to receive the visa in his or her passport, unless requested. Canadians residing in another country with a non-Canadian spouse and/or child may be required to submit additional documentation for dependent visas.

What are the Requirements for a Mexican TN Visa?

Mexican citizens must have a visa to enter the U.S. A Mexican TN visa applicant must meet the specific requirements for his or her particular job, and be able to provide evidence of related educational and professional experience. The individual must submit a basic application including a letter detailing that the position meets the specifications outlined by NAFTA, other evidence demonstrating that the employment is prearranged and for a U.S. employer, and that his or her stay in the U.S. will be temporary. The individual must attend a consular interview in order to have his/her visa approved. Wait times for interviews may vary and must be taken into account when applying for the TN visa.

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