Asylum Green Card Attorney

An individual fleeing persecution from his or her home country may apply to stay in the U.S. by submitting an asylum application or, if in removal proceedings, using asylum as a grounds for preventing removal. In order to be eligible for asylum, an individual must meet the definition of a refugee and demonstrate a credible fear that he or she has been persecuted in the past or fears persecution in the future if returned to his or her home country. This fear must be based on at least one of five statutory grounds which include race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership to a particular social group.

United States immigration law allows individuals who have been approved as asylees for at least one year to apply for permanent resident status (a “green card”). Learn more about asylum in our Asylum FAQs section.

Surowitz Immigration, P.C.’s asylum attorneys have a strong track record of obtaining successful green card outcomes for our clients. If you are a referring attorney or an individual who feels they or their foreign family member may qualify for asylum green card process, feel free to call any of our offices or contact us online. One of our immigration lawyers will be happy to have a brief and open discussion about the general appropriateness of the asylum green card process as related to your particular circumstances.