Crime Victim Green Card Attorney

An individual who is a victim of certain serious crimes, and who will volunteer to help police or other law enforcement officials investigate that crime, may be eligible to apply for U visa nonimmigrant status. Serious crimes include those that have violated U.S. law, where the victim has suffered substantial physical or mental abuse as a result of being a victim of the crime. Examples of these crimes include rape, domestic violence, human trafficking, kidnapping, violent crimes such as murder, conspiracy-related crimes, battery, and so on. Under some circumstances, family members of victims of crimes may also obtain lawful status through a U visa. For more information on crime victim green cards visit our crime victim FAQs page.

U visa holders are later eligible to apply for permanent residency if they have been physically present in the U.S. in U visa status for three years preceding the residency application, have provided assistance to law enforcement officials in accordance with their U visa status, and can demonstrate certain grounds justifying their presence in the U.S. Certain family members of U visa holders may also be eligible for apply for permanent residency at this time.

If you are a referring attorney or an individual who feels they or their family member may qualify for a U visa or a crime victim green card, feel free to call any of our offices. One of our immigration lawyers will be happy to have a brief and open discussion about the general appropriateness of the crime victim green card process as related to your particular circumstances.

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