Parent Petition Attorney

[node:title]Only U.S. citizens, and not permanent residents, can apply for parent petitions, a petition for permanent resident (“green card”) status for their parents. However, once a person does become a U.S. citizen, the time it takes for the parent to acquire permanent residence in the United States can be much faster than some of the other family petition categories. This is because parents of U.S. Citizens are considered “Immediate Relatives” under U.S. immigration law, exempting them from visa availability backlogs that can take years to clear. In fact, there is never any visa backlog for parents of U.S. citizens whatsoever.

Surowitz Immigration, P.C.’s knowledgeable and experienced parent petition attorneys have a solid record of assisting individuals acquire successful I-130 family green card results. If you have questions about parent petitions or would like more information, contact us today.