Guatemalan NACARA Attorney

To qualify for the Guatemalan NACARA, individuals from Guatemala must have first entered the U.S. on or before October 1, 1990; registered for ABC benefits on or before December 31, 1991; and not have been apprehended by authorities at time of entry after December 19, 1990.

NACARA 203 allows nationals of Guatemala to apply for relief based on former ‘deportation’ laws depending on when they were placed in deportation proceedings, applied for asylum, or registered for settlement benefits under a court case known as American Baptist Churches v. Thornburgh (“ABC”). NACARA also allows a very limited class of individuals who were not been placed in deportation or removal proceedings to apply for relief directly with USCIS.

Guatemalans who filed an application for asylum on or before April 1, 1990 and who have not received a final decision on their asylum application may also apply under NACARA.

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