E-3 Visa Attorney

The E-3 visa allows U.S. employers to bring workers to the United States from Australia to fill temporary professional positions. The E-3 category shares many similarities to the H-1B visa category, which is the primary temporary professional visa classification. Some of the relative benefits of the E-3 classification, relative to H-1B are that spouses of E-3 visa holders may work, whereas H-1B spouses (H-4s) may not, unless they have an independent visa classification which confers employment authorization. Also, the E-3 is generally faster to obtain because it does not require a primary petition filed within the United States, and applicants can make their visa applications directly at the appropriate U.S. embassy or consulate abroad. However the H-1B visa classification is generally more appropriate and advantageous for Australian citizens who ultimately wish to immigrate to the United States, or get their “green card”.

Surowitz Immigration, P.C.’s E-3 visa attorneys have a longstanding record of positive outcomes in relation to the visa processes. If you have questions about obtaining an Australian worker E-3 visa or would like more information, contact us today.