EB-5 Green Card Attorney

The EB-5 green card is available for individuals investing $1 million (or in limited cases, $500,000) in a “new” business or company that benefits the U.S. economy and which will create at least 10 full time jobs for United States workers.

Qualifying businesses for purposes of the EB-5 visa include those that were created after the year 1990 and which are a for-profit business entity (e.g. corporation, partnership, etc.). The investor individual must have invested capital, which generally refers to cash assets or tangible property. Debts, loans and promissory notes are generally not acceptable methods of demonstrating investment, except that such funds may be adequate if they are secured by sufficient personal collateral of the applicant.

If the initial petition is approved, the EB-5 green card, immigrant investor green card, holder will be granted “conditional” permanent residency, and after two years an additional petition must be submitted to remove the conditions on further residency. The second petition must show that his or her capital was successfully invested in the new company and that the requisite jobs were created.

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