Sibling Petition Attorney

Similarly to immigrant petitions for parents, only U.S. citizens, and not permanent residents, can petition for permanent resident (“green card”) status for their brother or sister. Unfortunately, once a person does become a U.S. citizen, the time it takes for their sibling to acquire permanent residence in the United States often takes many years, and even longer if their siblings are from Mexico, China, India or the Philippines. Sibling Petitions for brothers and sisters of a U.S. citizen are called fourth preference petitions, and although it does take many years for the visa petition to become current, the good news is that any spouse or minor children of the sibling beneficiary may join them and immigrate to the United States when that time does arrive.

Surowitz Immigration, P.C.’s sibling petition attorneys have a strong track record of obtaining successful I-130 sibling petition outcomes for our clients' brothers and sisters. If you have questions about sibling petitions or would like more information, contact us today.