Employment Green Card Attorney

Individuals can obtain lawful permanent residence in the United States, or their “green card”, through a number of employment-based and related permanent visa categories. These categories include many different types and skill levels of workers, including categories for professionals with university degrees, researchers and professors, international executive and managerial transferees, extraordinary people in almost any field, religious workers, substantial investors, and those who work in both skilled and unskilled labor.

Different employment green card categories have separate advantages and limitations, and it is important for an applicant to choose the most appropriate and advantageous category under which to apply, when more than one permanent visa classification seems relevant.

The employment green card attorneys at Surowitz Immigration, P.C. have a strong track record of assisting employers and individuals obtain successful employment-based green card outcomes in the San Francisco area, and around the world. If you have questions about obtaining an employment-based immigrant visa or would like more information, contact us today.